Depression Symptoms

How would you know when a person is depressed? There are symptoms that can easily be spotted. If you have a hard time sleeping because you are feeling restless about something, that could be depression. If you cannot concentrate in anything particular even if it was easy for you to do it before, that could also be depression. There are a lot more obvious symptoms that may lead you to depression. Like being negative in everything around you, the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, being irritable or short-tempered, loss of appetite, engaging on reckless behavior, and hating the world and life itself.  Remember that these symptoms won’t entirely proceed to something serious because problems and lows can and will eventually happen in a day-to-day basis, but of course having all of the depression symptoms in one big blow might.


Restlessness is one of the symptoms a depressed person might have. This is when a person is too eager all the time. The person can’t be still or can’t relax. The person becomes restless even it is late at night, and this results to lack of sleep or insomnia. People with insomnia are often associated with depression. Sometimes these people who are depressed do not sleep for a couple of days at all. Sleep changes can define when a person is depressed. Some other examples of being restless are, fidgeting, nail biting, and doodling.

Concentration Problem

Having a hard time concentrating can also be a higher stage of depression. People who are depressed always think about their problems over and over; that’s why they can’t concentrate. Critical symptoms in lacking concentration will make a person forgetful and sometimes senseless. These people who have this symptom are also those who cannot pay attention in conversations. Due to the lack of concentration these people usually cannot make their own decisions and they don’t even know why.

Headaches & Backaches

A study was made that there are a number of cases of people with depression, who suffers aches in their body. Most common are headaches and backaches. This type of depression symptoms are associated with how the mind of a depressed individual works. Always dwelling on pain and problems will result to negative energies. The natural healing process of the body starts with the person’s mind and feelings. Cancer cells develop more when a person is always stressed out and exhausted. Heavy thoughts and stress can cause headaches, nose bleeding, and even dizziness. In conclusion, being depress can fluctuate the system of the body.

Reckless and Danger-Seeking behavior

Engaging to dangerous sports like cliff diving, street lugging, parkour, bull riding, and some other death-defying situations can also be associated with depression symptoms. Seeking high adrenaline-rush experiences to combat with problems falls to this type of depression. These people instantaneously do stuff that they don’t usually do and they do not care at all. People with this symptom are often encountering numbness because of depression. They tend to do exhilarating activities to suffice their feeling of emptiness. Some other examples are: compulsive buying, starting public riots, gang wars, committing a criminal offence, and being destructive.


Self-loathing or self-hatred is also a symptom of depression. This is when a person is being negative or pessimistic about life, his career, and especially his love life. The person thinks he is always no better than anyone. Love is one of the most essential recipes of the self-loathing symptom. People who have gone through break-ups usually become depressed and whenever the person blames himself with the break-up, that person will truly lead to this depression symptom. Inflicting physical pain or being masochistic can also be formed with depression.


The undying loss of energy is one of the most common symptoms of a depressed person. People who are always tired and who are sluggish at even minor tasks may have it. Indisposed people are commonly found staring blankly at anything. Loss of appetite is also connected with this type of symptom. If a person becomes extremely thin or excessively fat in short span. There are people that whenever they possess major problems they tend to eat a lot of food. While there are also some other people who losses their appetite. Weight changes are not normal and totally not healthy. This type of depression state can be very dangerous.

Irritable or Short-Tempered

Irritable people can also be diagnosed as a form of depression symptom. This is when the person always feels irritated about anything. This depression symptom of irritability creates a barrier amongst people around the depressed individual. This person usually stays away from other people because he is annoyed even without any reason at all. This symptom of depression is even more evident in men. These men are those who are easily angered that result to fighting, destroying things, and physical abuse.


Last and the worst symptom of depression is whenever a person feels life is unfair and useless. This is when all of these symptoms are compressed into one. This person is overly irritable with anything and everything around him. This person tends to fidget whenever he is not doing anything and whenever he does something he cannot concentrate at all. His weight goes down rapidly and he only eats whenever he feels like. He does things that are disruptive, like violence, physical abuse, and he does not care anymore. This symptom is the suicidal depression, a person who is willing to die without any apparent reason at all. The person just feels like it is unbearable anymore and the world that he is living in is empty, so he decides to kill himself. This is totally the worst and the highest symptom of depression that a person can have.

Major problems are mostly the cause of depression. Higher stages of depression can even lead to a mental illness. Having depression symptoms that lead to mental dysfunction is serious. Depression is really bad for anyone, so you might want to do a self-check whenever you experience these frequently.

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