Existential Depression

When you experience existential depression, this comes when one faces issues about the purpose of life, death and freedom. It is distinguished by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness with a nagging thought that life is meaningless. It is usually caused by a certain event in his life such as death of a person they love or loss of a job. You would often question yourself, asking the meaning of your existence. You would even ask if somebody understands you and if God is there to support you.

Existentialism is a kind of philosophy based on the statement that man is free and is responsible for his actions and choices. He is not a victim of fate but he is what he chose to be. It is his call to bring meaning to his life through his actions, family, relationships, religion, work, charity, hobbies and others.

Those who suffer from regular clinical depression would also go through existential issues as part of their psychotherapy treatment for depression. This is one of the important parts of the treatment that is always handled by a professional. The counsellor or therapist would work closely with the patient in looking for that meaning and purpose in their lives.

There are people who find it vital to look for their desires and meaning in life. When they undergo an incident of this kind of depression, it can somehow reinforce their desire to look for answers to their questions.

This kind of depression is not treated by a prescribed medicine or drug. It is treated by psychotherapy that would make the patient know more about the meaning of his life. Another way to treat this depression is through self-reflection and self-examination. It is necessary to reflect on one’s life, even if it means traveling down memory lane to find answers to the questions. The best treatment to existential depression is sometimes the journey itself.

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