Situational Depression

Situational depression, also known as adjustment disorder, is a common condition that is diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Symptoms include depression, helplessness, sadness and withdrawal. Sufferers also feel anxious and they often times get addicted to alcohol or drugs and have a destructive behavior. This type of depression is brought about by changes or sudden circumstances in life such as divorce, death, loss of employment childbirth, being a victim of a crime and even world events. The symptoms are not permanent and they do go away after treatment or if the situation alters for the better.

Therapy led by a professional expert is necessary to overcome this kind of depression. This would make the sufferer be able to come up with coping mechanisms, alter any pessimistic attitude or thinking, and identify ways in avoiding activators or triggers. There are also prescription medications that are given for those suffering from this type of depression so as to lessen, if not eliminate, symptoms of anxiety. These medications would also let them sleep the right number of hours every night.

In treating this kind of depression, it is important to seek support from people one is close to such as family and friends. These people would help a sufferer get through the pain and be able to recover fast. There are also support groups for such kinds of patients thus joining them would be beneficial.

When one has recovered from this kind of depression, he must take preventive measures from experiencing it again. The copings kills prescribed by a psychologist should be continued. The patient should also be watchful of future triggers so that he would not suffer from a relapse. The good news is many sufferers recover fast from Adjustment Disorder when they receive support and treatment.

If situational depression is not dealt with in a proactive manner, it can lead to major depression which would be more severe and difficult to treat.

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